Torque wrench 5107-3CT

Product information

  • User-friendly reversible ratchet
  • Perfect for working on motorcycles, bicycles and tyre pressure control systems
  • Accuracy ± 3 % of scale value (in direction of actuation for right-hand tightening
    For left-hand tightening, use our torque wrenches with insert tool)
    (5107-3 CT ± 4 % accuracy of scale value)
  • Safety:
    • Haptic (close-gap release)
    • Audible ("click" sound)
  • Designed for rough workshop use
  • Wide range of applications for controlled screw tightening in tyre service, bicycle, passenger car and commercial vehicle applications as well as various applications in trade and industry.
  • Optimised sealing ring to protect against debris
  • Ratchet repair set for customer-oriented self-assembly enables decades of use
  • Handle with better grip for easier power transmission
  • Adjustment aid with detent points for optimised operator guidance ensures safe and fast adjustment of the desired torque value by turning the handle
  • Safe locking of the setting values by latching function on the rotary assembly
  • Rotary assembly in triangular form prevents uncontrolled rolling
  • Lock symbols indicate the respective locking status.
  • Can be attached to the cable loop through openings on the locking rotary assembly
  • Easy-to-read, high-contrast scale
  • Permanent readability due to laser marking on the scale bush
  • Integrated shift lever
    5121-3 CT – 5123-3 CT: shift level with idle function – reduces risk of injury and malfunction
  • With calibration certificate and serial number
  • Delivery in sturdy Hexa plastic box
  • DIN 3120, ISO 1174-1, DIN EN ISO 6789-2:2017
  • Made in Germany
  • Output: Square, solid 6.3 mm (1/4 inch)
  • Dimensions / length: 234 mm
  • Net weight: 0.42 kg
  • Nm min-max: 1 – 9 Nm
  • Tolerance: 4 %
  • Scale Graduation (Nm): 0.1 Nm
  • Effective torque wrench length min.-max. I1 mm: 176.20 – 166.20 Nm
  • Actuating force min.-max. kg: 0.6 – 5.5 kg
  • Number of teeth: 20 (Opening angle 18°)
  • Head Thickness a: 10.2 mm
  • Head Width b: 24 mm
  • No turning back: continuous long-term tests on the 5000 series and 6000 series of HAZET torque wrenches have been able to demonstrate that turning them back to the smallest scale value is no longer required

MRSP: 244,20 €
List price incl. VAT


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